Know our flavors

We offer our clients flavors that people love, ideas that allow markets to expand and are tools for innovation. We advise on the best product for each application and collaborate throughout product development and sensory evaluation.

We develop a wide range of flavour additives with natural characteristics, stable and persistent, presented in liquid form, powder, paste or emulsion, natural, identical to natural or artificial. Products specially designed to resist hostile processes such as high-temperature or extrusion.

We investigate the area of the bioaromas, enzymatically modified products and reaction products to develop flavours that are generated by the same processes that occur in nature.

We also have features sophisticated products, as precursors that end the development of flavor at the time of preparation of the food and exaltadores to complete the oral sensation. Specific flavors for diet products, low fat content or artificially sweetened that give fullness to the mouth feeling. Flavoring with kosher and halal certification.

Combinations with herbs and natural dyes, which give it presence and attraction, and extracts of plants for beverages as bitter, Vermouth and Fernet.