Eating a yoghurt, a milk shake, a cultured milk, ice cream or a dairy dessert is a pleasure, the flavors of these products must accompany the base to enhance it even more.

Defined, real, natural, powerful and intense flavors improve the perception of our product and called to continue consuming it. That is the purpose which we work at Novarom with our clients.

But there does not finish our work, heat treatment processes, the evolution of the products cultivated by the biological action of crops and the cold makes the flavoring to requires a special stability, technology applied in flavor to make it resist and compensate these processes, that is achieved by based on your design tech and it is the foundation so that the perceptible part maintains its stability and its desirable character.

· Yoghurt and cultured milks.

· Ice cream, water or cream, soft ice cream and desserts.

· Flavors for prepared or bases for ice cream.

· Desserts.

· Butter