Products for snack bar are known as “the fourth meal”, and its sales volume continuously increases around the world. The explosive growth of this product is related to innovation: new flavours, new materials and new presentations that respond to the changing preferences of consumers.

At Novarom we assist our clients with information on trends and products suitable for each type of process.

For products obtained by extrusion of flour, we offer:

Natural cheese flavors of different varieties in the form of powder, various savory flavors, also in powder as onion, ham, pizza and a mix of garlic and parsley called “provenzal” combined with vegetables dehydrated and exaltadores taste and liquid flavoring,soluble in oil used to reinforce and complement the aroma.

Fried products.

Used powdered flavors, combined with natural dyes, and in some cases dehydrated vegetable added sometimes to give presence.

The most used are:

For potatos : Sour cream & onion, Provenzal, pizza, barbecue and ketchup.

For sticks and also extruding cheese, ham, and bacon.

Baked snacks.

Products similar to fried foods, which can be combined with liquid flavors resistant to high temperatures which are applied to the dough, prior to baking.