The taste of sweets is their reason to be, we offer the flavorings to differentiate these products and offer elite products to satisfy users of all ages.

We recommend them for:

· Chocolates.

· Fatty or fruit fillings, fondants.

· Baths of pastry.

· Hard and soft candies, toffees.

· Jelly beans or gums.

· Chewing gum, gum balloon.

· Jellies, jams, syrups.

Prepared powder:

Gelatin desserts, ice cream, dairy desserts, flan and drinks to prepare with water or milk are some of the products that are becoming more popular for its ease of preparation, transport and stored and for being an economic environment that provides pleasure in few minutes.

News, combinations, natural flavours are needed to improve the quality of these products and maintain attention and preference of consumers.

Novarom offers these products flavors powdered, encapsulated, high stability and rapid dissolving that retain the volatile notes and transmit real natural feelings.